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Otsego County Department of Health announcement
The Otsego County Department of Health reports that a skunk, from the town of Burlington Flats, tested positive today for rabies. One unvaccin.ated dog was exposed. The dog will be humanely euthanizcd.
Rabies is a fatal viral infection that can be transmitted through the bite or scratch of an infected animal or contact with saliva to broken skin. or mucus membranes. The public is cautioned to stay away from any stray or wj)d a.nimals and instruc?? their children to do so It is NYS law that aJJ dogs, cats and ferrets be vaccinated for rabies. Unvacci.nated pets in contact with wildlife that is suspected or confirmed to be r.abid must be either euthanizcd or strictly quarantined at owner's expense for 6 months. All Otsego County residents are encour.aged to call the health department at 607??547-4230 or vi.sit our website at for information regardio.g rabies.
A free rabies clinic is scheduled on Wednesday December 5 from 4p-6p at the Susquehanna Animal Shel.ter.