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Immunization Requirements


New York State Immunization requirements for school entrance/attendance. The following immunizations are required:

  • Diphtheria Toxoid containing vaccine, Tetanus Toxoid Containing Vaccine and Pertussis Vaccine (DTap, DTP)-3 doses
  • Polio (IPV or OPV)-3 doses
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)- 2 doses of measles containing vaccine and 1 dose each of mumps and rubella (preferably as MMR)
  • Hepatitis B-3 doses, except for those students who receive 2 doses of adult hepatitis B vaccine which is recommended for children 11-15 years old.
  • Varicella (Chickenpox)-Born on or after 1/1/98 or born on or after 1/1/94 and enrolling in 6th grade-1 dose (a second booster dose is also recommended but not required yet).
  • Diphtheria and Tetanus toxoid containing vaccine and acellular Pertussis vaccine -(Tdap) for all children born on or after 1/1/94 who are enrolling in 6th grade -1 dose

All of the above immunizations must be documented by a health care provider, or must be from an official copy of the immunization record from the child’s previous school. All immunization records must specify the exact date that each immunization was administered. You must provide this information, or proof that an appointment has been made with your primary care provider to meet these requirements.
Your child will not be permitted to attend school without the necessary verification of immunizations
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