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Good nutrition is essential for students to learn. A well-nourished student will generally have better attendance, be more attentive in class and have more ability and energy to cope with the learning environment.
Our intent is to provide a healthy lunch for students every day. That’s why we provide lunches that meet or exceed all FDA guidelines for school lunches.

For information regarding your child's Cafeteria account please send e-mail to:
This year the district will be continuing to use the mySchoolBucks Cafeteria Software system. This system will provide many benefits. The system will provide parents with the ability to track their child’s account online, and will also allow parents to put money on their child’s account online using a debit or credit card. If you have more than one child in school you can put money on each of their accounts at the same time and it will still only count as one transaction.
Parents will be able to click on the my School Bucks link, setup an account and begin depositing money for their child’s meals and snacks. The MySchoolBucks program convenience fee will that parents pay will increase from $1.95 per payment to $2.49 per payment. This fee increase is the result of an increase in card scheme fees and will be effective as of December 11, 2017.  
Lunch Menus
Join Us!

Senior Citizens, Visitors, Parents & Grandparents

Join us for meals!!
LCS would like you to remember that the Dining Hall is open to Senior Citizens and visiting parents and grandparents for meals. The best time to come for lunch is 12:25 PM. Cost of a lunch is $3.95 + Tax.
Bring a friend and "go out" for lunch - - to the LCS Dining Hall! Call ahead and check the day's menu- 432-2050 Ext. 1330. Good food, good value, good company!
Parents and Grandparents may also join In breakfast with your child, grandchild or friend. This is especially convenient if you are planning to come for the Morning Program. You can enjoy breakfast prior to the program and spend some extra time with your favorite LCS student(s). Come on in and give it a try! We would love to have you.
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