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Superintendent's Message
Superintendents message


Hello and welcome to the Laurens Central School website.  As the Superintendent of the Laurens Central School District, I consider myself fortunate to be able serve the students, faculty, staff, Board of Education and community of Laurens as we work together to provide a quality education for our children.   Children are our most precious possession, and it is an honor to have a part in the educational process provided to them. 


For those of you who are new to our school, my name is Romona N. Wenck.  I have served as the Superintendent of the Laurens Central School District since 1998.  Prior to that time, I served the District as an Interim Superintendent for the 1997-1998 school year, the Dean of Students for one year, and as a Physical Education teacher for approximately 19 years.  For those who may be interested, additional information about my career as an educator can be found further on in this message. And, while I am not a fan of sharing personal information via any form of social media, a brief description of my family can be found below as well.


As stated above, it is an honor to serve as the Superintendent of the Laurens Central School District.  It is my firm belief that rural schools, while perhaps not having all of the “bells and whistles” of larger, suburban, more wealthy counterparts, provide an education that is quite successful in preparing children for the years beyond high school.  More importantly, I believe the social climate in small rural schools like Laurens, where each child is known and cared for by many, provides for a much more secure and supportive learning experience. 


Truly, the success we experience in our building is the direct result of the support we receive from our parents, community members and other Laurens residents.  Please know that we, as educators, are trying our very best to provide each and every child with an education that will provide the skills and knowledge children will need to be successful in whatever path they choose upon graduation; college, the workforce or the military. 


Our hope is to develop a close working relationship with each parent as it is by working together that we will best attain our goals, and while we acknowledge that there are no perfect educators, there are no perfect parents as well. Therefore, the need to work together for the sake of our children is crucial.  Do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher when questions arise.  Become involved in the school by attending as many school functions as you possibly can and by joining school organizations that help to support our educational programs. Know that my door, and that of Mr. Dorritie our Building Principal, is always open.  Working together we will create a successful learning environment for our children.




Educational History:


My career in education began in the Laurens School District during the 1977-1978 school year serving as a Physical Education teacher and coach.  Over the years, I coached the Girls Varsity Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Softball teams, as well as establishing and coaching the Boys Modified Soccer team.  In addition, I was the Director/ Instructor of the Laurens Jaguars Drill Colorguard Program for almost 20 years, working with both the winter and summer colorguards.  I have also been the coordinator for the Laurens Youth Soccer Program for approximately 28 years.

In regard to my on personal education, I was educated in the public school system located in Waverly, NY.  After high school I attended the State University College at Cortland, earning a Bachelor's of Science Degree, with a major in Physical Education and concentrations in both Athletic Training and Psychology.  I then returned to Cortland to earn a Master's Degree in Physical Education with a focus in the area of Perceptual Motor Development.  Finally, in the early 1990’s, I attended the College of St. Rose to obtain a degree/certification in School District Administration. 

Family Information:


I met my husband, Jerry Wenck, during the spring semester of my first year at LCS.  We married a year and a half later, and this past summer of 2017, celebrated our 38th anniversary.  We have two wonderful sons, Jonathan and Josiah, both of whom attended and graduated from LCS.  After high school, Jonathan attended and graduated from the University of Rochester.  He is married and presently lives in Connecticut.  Josiah graduated from Houghton College in May of 2018. He has recently begun the process of applying to medical schools. 


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