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High School Bridge Models


 Created by Nathan Archibald, and Travis Bookhout

Created by MaKenna McNicol, Zach Shaul, and Harold Stilson


Created by MaKenna McNicol, Zach Shaul, and Harold Stilson 

Principles of STEM Syllabus


Mr. Roecklein


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Free Periods

Per. 1, 8 ACE, 10 BDF


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In this course we will explore the four categories that make of the acronym STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Science and Math provide the groundwork. Time in this class will be spend understanding how the topics from your science and math classes are applied to the fields of technology and engineering.

Technology includes all the tools we use during the design and building of these problems. From the nuts and bolts of an airplane, to the microprocessor in your cell phone, all of these objects are technology, and know how they work, and how to use them properly are important tools to an Engineer.

Engineering is the design and building process we use to address problems in the world around us. Whether it is sharpening a pencil, or solving the world’s energy crisis, an Engineer applies a similar process to tackle these problems.


1. Students will become active members of a STEM classroom

2. Students will use the concepts they have previously learned in future topics

3. Students will stay on task, Engineers stick to a timeline, and plan on having work completed by their anticipated timeline


Course Topic Outline (Time spent, and order of topics may Vary)

1.     Engineering Design Process

2.     Computer Hardware

3.     Computer Software, and Computer Programing

4.     Robotics

5.     Alternative Energy Sources

6.     Civil and Mechanical Engineering


            Students will be able to all the resources available in the classroom to complete projects. Students are encouraged to apply topics and materials from previous units to the current project. Students will be able to use the computers available in the classroom to research and design throughout each project.



Students will be evaluated on the following:

Assessments                            75%

=         Projects

=         Quizzes

=         Exams

Assignments                            25%

=         Homework

=         Classwork

=         Activities


Examination Preparation

Students will be made aware of examination dates AT LEAST 2 school days before the scheduled date of the examination. There will be at least one day completely devoted to review for the curriculum covered on the exam.

Quiz Preparation

Students will be made aware of quizzes ATLEAST 1 school day before the scheduled date of the quiz.


Weekly Graded homework: At the beginning of each week the teacher will distribute a weekly homework assignment. This will cover ANY topic already covered in YOUR math career. This homework will be graded for correctness and completeness. There will be between 5-20 questions, and the total weight will vary on difficulty and number of questions


White Boarding and Modeling

These terms will become much more familiar as the year goes on. The idea is, the person doing the thinking and speaking in the classroom is the one that is learning. If I am in front of the room the whole period I will be doing lots of thinking and speaking, and all of you will do very little learning. We will use open-ended activities to share our ideas using white-boards.

There are times when you may feel stressed by this; all that means is that you are learning! Probably more than you ever have before.


Classroom Expectations


Follow the school code of conduct! The goal of this classroom is to create a learning environment where students can learn and explore about a variety of technology and tools. Some of these can be dangerous of not handled appropriately. If you cannot control yourself you will not use the tools.

Cell Phones! Cell phones will not be allowed in the classroom or hallway. The new policy for this school year is if the cell phone is out you get written up and receive a lunch detention. The Dean of students or Principal will deal with continued write-ups.

With this in mind I will use cell phones for educational purposes in this classroom. If you are using your cell phone for the purposes of my class you will not be written up. That does not include using the calculator, we have calculators for you.

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